AOL launches new site, no longer a clone of Yahoo

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After using a design which we said that it was copying Yahoo’s previous design; it has now launched a new beta design based on the designs that most of its sites (except blogs) use. The new design also includes several new features, including that they can log into their social networks to view updates, while allowing you to adding links to sites that you frequently visit – if you set it as your homepage.

The new design also has themes, with six preset designs you can chose from. Also added is a new feeds browser at the bottom of the page, with several feeds already available – like CNET, Engadget and Wired. Is this the beginning of a new direction that AOL is heading? Well, they are part of the new OpenID service – allowing you to use your AIM account to log into other sites that support the format without signing up for a new account (like here, at

You can view the entire site below after the jump – with the link to it. - Welcome to AOL_1225363110625

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