Windows Live to support OpenID

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OpenID, the login standard that allows you to use one account to login to different sites, has gotten a huge boost after Microsoft announced that its over 400 million Windows Live IDs will now be part of the initiative, mainly from its Hotmail and Messenger service). This basically follows in the footsteps of Yahoo and AOL, as both have supported the standard before the announcement.

While this may not mean anything to you, you will now be able to login to and have your comment instantly bypass our filters. While the feature is expected to reach in 2009, you can test it yourself, thanks to the team over at Windows Live. However, your current account will not be able to access this feature since it has not been implemented, so you must create a new “INT” account.

The Windows Live ID INT environment is separate from the main Production environment, and is for testing purposes only. If you have not already created a Windows Live ID user account for testing in INT, you can do so at

After you have your Windows Live ID account in INT, go to to set up your OpenID alias on that test account.

NOTE: INT accounts are for testing purposes only and are NOT intended to be permanent user accounts. They do not allow access to Windows Live services in Production.