Revision3 announces show cancellations, axes staff

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Revision3, producers of Diggnation and Tekzilla, has announced that it would be laying off staff and axing three shows from its lineup because of the current economic climate in the US. The shows being axed are Internet Superstar (hosted by Martin Sargent), popSiren (hosted by Sarah Lane) and Pixel Perfect (hosted by Bert Monroy).

While internet Superstar and popSiren were axed over low viewership; Pixel Perfect was axed because executives believed that it had just run its course, though it had over 100 episodes produced during its duration.

Also announced as part of cutting costs, Revision3 will terminate its distribution agreements with the Wine Library and EpicFu, with EpicFu staying with Revision3 until December. Both shows, however, are produced externally from the company, and will still live on; but after the announcement, Smashface, producers of EpicFu, announced that it would be axing three jobs from its production team.

As for job cuts at Revision3, both Sargent and Lane have been made redundant, with most of their production team. While numbers have not been revealed, it is rumoured to be one-third of their total number of employees.

“Even though we’re sad to see these shows end on Revision3, in today’s economic climate it’s essential for us to focus on what we do best, and where the best opportunity for success lie,” CEO Jim Louderback  said in a blog post on the Revision3 Blog. He also mentions that Revision3 Beta, a project that allows independent producers to gain an audience, will still be continuing.