McDonalds to offer free Wi-Fi in stores

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McDonalds has announced that it will drop its pay-per-use Wi-Fi provided by Telstra to a free, but filtered, “all you can eat” service. The service has proved to be successful after trialling it in 20 stories, but will upgrade the rest of its 720 stores around Australia. The plan is to be finished sometime in March next year, a rate of 40 stores per week. Impressive.

NSW and ACT stores will have the complete by late November, Victoria and Tasmania will finish it by the end of December. Queensland and the Northern Territory will have its rollout completed by the end of January next year.

South Australia and Western Australia will finish their roll out by the end of February 2009.

While the details of the plan have not been revealed, it will use a similar network that can be found on Telstra’s NextG network. The filter is said to be a “commercial-grade” filter, blocking sites from different 15 categories – including pornography and bomb-making websites.

The new plan is great news for me, meaning that I can just walk over to the local McDonalds and access the free internet.