Telstra rival loses another member – TransACT leaves Terria consortium

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The Optus-led Terria consortium has announced that TransACT would leave the consortium, leaving five members to fund the bid for the national broadband network tender, worth $4.7 billion. TransACT announced that it would also bid for the network tender, but only in the region covering the ACT.

Both companies have said that they remain committed to providing better broadband services to Australians. If you were really serious about that, they we would have a higher quota on our internet plans. Perth-based ISP iiNet was expected to leave as well, but that speculation was denied on Friday by its managing director Michael Malone.

Malone also said on Friday that the bidding process for the NBN was corrupt; saying that “everyone in the industry agrees on is that this is a bad investment and it’s a completely corrupt process. The government is just pissing money up against the wall with this project because it failed to define the rules of the bidding process.”

Bids for the tender close on November 26.