Oh yeah, did we mention our site got a new design – Introducing Crystalline Duo

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Took us some time to develop it, design the site and add all the features; but here it is – techgeek.com.au has been given another redesign, but this time – we have made a lot of changes, including the category system we announced before. Among the changes include all our the “main categories” being listed at the top, instead of pages, meaning that you can get to our categories easily without the pain of it all.

Among the changes include support for widescreen monitors, and also a more streamline look. And since it is going to be used for widescreen monitors, and those with the old 4:3 aspect ratio monitors, we have also took the time to change our advertising ways. Now, advertising will be on the sidebar – and not in the content; but this may change when we feel the need too.

We still have kept the OpenID support, meaning that you can login and comment on the site by using an OpenID supported account; but we have ditched the log-in form for good – but we hope to bring it back, some day. Also, for our writers, the links are now at the top, below the search box.

Yes, you heard me – we have now put in a search box. Since we have over 1,200+ posts in our entire blog, why not allow you to search through it. We also have kept the Archives page, and added another column to the page, this time for the last 15 days.

Other than that, the official name of the design is called “Crystalline Duo”, and is part of the Crystalline family – our own theme development projects. As well, as part of our promise, this will be open to sites who ask for the design. However, it will be a selection process.

But this is not all. The design is still in beta and we are adding more features in a couple of months, just not at this very moment, since most of our staff will be focusing on exams.

So, enjoy the new, wider, cleaner and sleeker techgeek.com.au

Terence Huynh

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