Introducing the iOrange – an almost exact look-a-like to the iPhone

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So, who doesn’t want an iPhone. I mean, it’s from Apple – it has to be good. Well, if you are too cheap to be under a contract and want the phone so bad, you can get the iOrange F4. Not only it copied the design, but the interface is the same – and most of the functions, including an gyroscope that will tilt the screen 90 degrees when its viewed horizontally.

It has a 3.2-inch screen, has an expandable memory up to 8GB via an unknown memory card, supports MP3, MP4 and AMR – among others, has different amplifier settings and video playback. It also has one thing that the iPhone does not have – stereo Bluetooth.

At the back, you can also see that they replaced the Apple logo with an orange – hence the name iOrange. And since this comes from China, you can expect the menus to be written in Chinese. It’s on sale in China for around $200, and is available now.

Edit: It happens to be called the iOrgane, not the iOrange – they really can’t spell.

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