Blogger blocked in Turkey – blame falls on Muslim creationist?

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According to, the Google-owned Blogger has been banned in Turkey since October 24 (or Friday if you can’t be bothered checking on the time). This ban also seems to be happening if you visited YouTube, another Google property. This follows a similar move by the Turkish government in Turkey to block

The blame for this comes from a man named Adnan Oktar, a leading Muslim advocate for creationism – the same guy who managed to get WordPress, Google Groups and Richard Dawkin’s website banned in Turkey. But by doing this, it also hurts its chances to be an EU member, since it infringes on the freedom of press and speech.

According to a comment on Slashdot, its constitution basically has a guarantee that allows for freedom of religion – and even though the predominant religion is Muslim, it is not the official religion of the state. will keep an eye out for this.