Apple gets 1 million HD downloads – Australia still left in the dark

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When Apple announced that they reached 1 million HD Downloads, let us remind ourselves that Australia still has no HD downloads (and why would we, with our barely sustainable internet caps), and that we still don’t have shows that are worth watching (like Heroes, Fringe or Bones) – well for me anyway.

And with all this “Fast Track” crap that our television networks are saying, will we see more US Shows being released in a couple of days after the US? Well, lets just say, that we better pray to God to make that happen.

In America, however, they have plenty of crap to download; and will have more crap to download with the Fall 2008 season; and with studios putting their shows in HD quality for only $2.99, it leaves us wondering why do you need HD quality videos if the iPod doesn’t support HD playback.

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