iPod knock-off maker sues Apple over monopolising MP3 market

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Apple has one more legal battle to add in its long list of current legal battles that it is named as a defendant, as the Taiwanese MP3 manufacturer Luxpro has filed a lawsuit in Arkansas, accusing the company over monopolising the market, and alleging that Apple controls 80 percent of the music downloads through iTunes, and selling songs over iTunes that will only work with its own player.

However, this is not the first time that the two companies were in a lawsuit. Apple sued Luxpro over its “super shuffle” player, in 2005 – the same time when Apple released its iPod shuffle, but agreed to change the name to Super Tangent. Another lawsuit was also conducted at the same year, which was won by Luxpro, when Apple demanded that the company stop producing, marketing and selling all of its players.

So, does this lawsuit make any sense whatsoever? We will have to wait and see.