Silverlight 2 gets Windows, Mac, Linux support; adds more partners to use it

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Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 has been released, with Microsoft saying that it has made it easier for developers and designers to make accessible and secure user interfaces with Silverlight. It will also add several built-in controls, and will allow you to program it with a wide range of programming languages, like Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, IronPython and IronRuby.

Silverlight 2 will also be supported on Windows, Mac and Linux; and will support Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

As well, it also announced several partnerships to use Silverlight; including CBS College Sports network, Blockbuster’s MovieLink, the Home Shopping Network, Toyota, Yahoo Japan and the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe. It also said that 50 million unique visitors viewed the site from As well, it also said that Olympic broadcasters in France (France Televisions), The Netherlands (NOS), Russia ( and Italy (RAI) used the Flash competitor in their online coverage.

Developers are mainly flocking to it since it has a higher bitrate than Flash, since it is capable of having bitrates up to 1.5mbps for high definition videos.