Last minute Apple rumour: MacBook pricing and part numbers leaked?

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According to several reports, including the Boy Genius Report and MacRumors, we could be seeing a whole new MacBook at a brand new price. Since the announcement is tomorrow, we couldn’t help ourselves but put this up. So, the new pricing and part numbers are:

  • K29, MB382LL/A – $899 MacBook?
  • M97, MB466LL/A – $1,299.00 MacBook
  • M97, MB467LL/A – $1,599.00 MacBook
  • M96, MB543LL/A – $1,799.00 MacBook Air
  • M96, MB940LL/A – $2,499.00 MacBook Air
  • M98, MB470LL/A – $1,999.00 15" MacBook Pro
  • M98, MB471LL/A – $2,499.00 15" MacBook Pro
  • M88, MB766LL/A – $2,799.00 17" MacBook Pro

However, MacRumors are saying that the $899 product will not be a MacBook, but a LED Cinema Display from Apple. It has also been confirmed that the new displays will have a DisplayPort connector and a MagSafe adapter.

But then again, its better to wait and see what gets released at that announcement.

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