In Nigeria – HIV means “I Luv U” in SMS?

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You hear a beep from your mobile phone, saying that you have a new text message. You open it up and it begins with “I swear, I will make sure I give you HIV”. Not to sound insensitive, but HIV (in this story) does not mean what you think it means, and it is not an threat.

The BBC is reporting that the message is a ‘romantic’ text message in Nigeria, coming from a book that helps young people to court the woman/man of their dreams. The concluding part of the message would tell you what the acronym mean: “H is for Happiness and joy forever with an I: Incomparable love that will never V: Vanish until death do us part. I love you.”

The book, titled Touching the heart through unforgettable text messages (vol. 2), is written by 33-year-old Femi Emmanuel, who makes a business of writing text messages for people who are too busy or illiterate to express what is in their heart.

Unforgettable? Yes. Romantic? Maybe not.