NT man said hacking was over “bad office seat” revenge

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A Northern Territory hacker that caused millions of dollars worth of damage to government computers has told a court that he did it to just get revenge at his boss for making him the “newbie” at work and giving him a bad office seat, according to the Northern Territory News.

David Anthony McIntosh, a 28-year-old computer engineer, said that he felt alone and isolated from his colleagues at CSG Services, which was hired by the NT government to maintain their IT systems; and was disciplined for mistakes because he was the “newbie”. He also said to the court that he was feeling “stressed” from being segregated.

Prosecutors have said that he hacked into the computers after resigning. During the hacking, McIntosh is alledged to have crashed several government servers – including servers at the Supreme Court, Berrimah prison and the Royal Darwin Hospital; and deleted 10,475 public servants from the systems.

He is said, according to the prosecutors, by using a colleague’s password and her home computer. He is to stand trial at the Darwin’s Supreme Court on 13 charges.