The Macbook Brick is a … ?

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Brick After a few sources, we can now say (though it is still unconfirmed, thus it is still a rumour) what is the Macbook Brick is! It is just a block of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminium; and is the beginning of a brand new thing at Apple.

And no, the brick is not the actual product; and so is the Macbook Brick. Wait, if it’s not a product, what is it? Well, you have to click the “Read More” link to find out.

Well, it is the beginning of Apple’s new process to manufacturing Macbooks, which will also see them no longer outsourcing the manufacturing to Chinese or Taiwanese companies, like Foxconn.

And with the news, many are saying that it is one of the biggest innovations that Apple has made. Though, it hasn’t been done before. Steve Jobs built his own automated plant in Fremont, California for the NeXT machines; but that failed since the demand wasn’t very high at the time.

The new manufacturing process will use lasers and jets of water to carve out the beautiful Macbooks, so meaning that Apple will have full control over everything. But what are the advantages over using 3D lasers and water jets to cut metal? Well:

  • Carving Aluminium eliminates the need to bend the metal, creating weak spots or microfolds and rifts in the process.
  • No seams in the final product, so it is smooth all over.
  • Screws are no longer needed to build the product.
  • The shell is just one piece of metal, meaning that it is super light, super strong; and more importantly, super cheap.

The new Macbooks using this process are still on target for an October 14th announcement, and the press (not us, since we live in Australia. Boo!) should be getting invites within the next few days.