Fring brings Skype, VoIP to iPhone

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iPhone_with_fring You can now use VoIP and Skype without jailbreaking your iPhone, thanks to Fring, a free mobile Voice-over-IP service, after releasing a brand new app for the Apple’s App Store. This means, basically, you can now make Skype-to-Skype calls on your iPhone.

As well as the Skype functionality, Fring will also allow you to chat (and call) your friends over on MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ and its own service. While there are many VoIP applications out there in the App Store, this one shows much promise, since it uses different services, including its own.

VoIP applications are allowed on the iPhone, but they cannot be used on the 3G network – since it uses too much data to travel the call. It supports both iPod Touch and iPhone, but we will have a review as soon as I find a pair of iPod ready headphones with a microphone.