MI6 agent sells camera on eBay, forgets to delete work records

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SNN3001CAM-280_600903aSo, apparently if you work in a intelligence agency – don’t forget to delete the data on the cameras before selling them. A 28-year-old UK man bought a Nikon Coolpix camera for £17 (US$30) on eBay and decided to use it to get some snaps from his US vacation.

However, he also found a number of “top secret” images, diagrams and sketches that have been confirmed as MI6 material. And we do actually mean pictures of wanted terrorists and their information.

He did went to his local police station to make a report, but the cops treated as a joke, before a team of specialist anti-terror offices came into his home a few days later and taking the camera and his family’s PC – spending £1,000 to get them back.

Oh, and the officer who bungled it up is facing the sack from MI6. Ouch.