iPod touch gets run over by a pickup truck, survives

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Oh the humanity! This poor iPod touch got run over by a pickup truck, and yet – it is still alive, though the glass front is cracked and the dented and dirtied back of the iPod. And if you think the crack screen is going to cut your precious fingertips, well – the poster, spongyiq, said:

Most of you think that sliding will be hazardous to my finger. But in fact, it’s no different from sliding an unbroken iPod touch. None of the pieces are elevated except for a rough spot near the top; but my finger never goes there anyways. So basically, it doesn’t hurt to slide :]

I only got one thing to say: DO NOT try running your iPod over with a pickup truck!! Photos are after the jump.

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Source: Gizmodo, iPod Touch Fans