Meizu iPhone clone hits China, India in December

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Well, it looks like this is not going to die anytime soon. Meizu’s iPhone copycat, also known as the Meizu M8 cell phone is set to be released in China and India thanks to GeekITstores from December. The 8GB model is set to cost somewhere between US$380 and US$470, and will launch with “complete fanfare” – according to the press release.

It even says that it was a “better, cheaper alternative” for the iPhone customers in India; but hey, why get an iPod and a Phone together, when you can get an Windows Mobile smartphone in a iPhone-like theme. Full press release is after the jump.

Mumbai, Maharastra, IND, 2008-09-28 19:28:50 (

Geek manufacturer of entertainment electronics, announced channel distribution for Meizu M8 phone, dubbed as “IPhone Killer”, the much awaited M8 will be initially launched with complete fanfare in Chinese markets.

Geek will distribute M8 through its expanding franchise network in India. ” We were looking for a better,cheaper alternative for Iphone to indian customer, since the beta launch of M8 testing is through, we are very confident to make M8 an success” said Mr. Nilesh Patel, Head Sourcing -Indian operations.

Geek already has established a network of 18+ franchisees in tier-2 & tier 3 cities.