MySpace new music venture is US-only

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MySpace is set to launch its new music service, which allows you to buy music from the site, among other things, tonight to everyone – in the U.S. of course.

Following Hulu, another News Corporation property with NBC Universal, it has been locked down to only U.S. users only.

While the site redesign will also affect international users, most of the content will not be there, like listening to the wide catalogue being offered from the major labels. This means that if a U.S. user adds any music from their profile from MySpace, those from international IP address will not be able to listen to it – unless its part of their existing catalogue of music, which is much smaller than what the U.S. will be getting.

But don’t worry – they will be negotiating international licensing deals on a country-by-country basis “soon”. Like that is ever going to happen.

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