Joost goes head-on-head with Hulu … in Anime?

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Anime fans are rejoicing after today’s announcements. After talking about Hulu’s announcement on anime, Joost has now decided to release an onslaught of new anime titles.

The new anime shows include the original Japanese versions (with English subtitles) of Naruto and Death Note (same as Hulu); the subtitled and dubbed versions of Ikki Tousen, Gun Frontier and Saiyuki; the subtitled versions of Izumo; and the dubbed versions of Astro Boy, Avatar, Blue Dragon, Cosmo Warrior Zero, Mär and Samurai Jack. They also plan to launch more anime titles.

While I am certain that this will work in the US, we haven’t tried it here in Australia – but we will let you know what happens there. At the time of writing, none of the content is up yet.

Is this the beginning where the studios are realising that putting their content online to combat privacy? If so, then our networks need to pick up their game.