eBay’s PayPal only policy makes a comeback – in the US

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After failing to convince the Australian regulators, eBay has now said that it will enact its PayPal-only policy to US sellers; after changing its FAQs, under “a more consistent buyer experience to drive more sales”. Starting October 2008, sellers will be forced to use PayPal and you will no longer allowed to use cheques or money orders as a payment method.

However, unlike the previous Australian policy, you will still be able to pay using your credit or debit cards, Cash on Delivery, Payment upon pickup and ProPay. However, there will be some exemptions. Only Motor Vehicles, capital equipment for business and industries, mature audience content and real estate will be exempt from the policy.

However, regarding the question of using third-party checkout services:

Yes. We realize that checkout services offered by eBay Certified Solution Providers are valuable services to our sellers. Our plan is not to disrupt these services but to work closely with these providers to integrate them into eBay checkout in 2009. Ultimately, it’s eBay’s goal to have buyers always pay for their purchases within the secure confines of eBay.

This includes Google Checkout and Checkout by Amazon, which Google says that “Google’s and Amazon’s products and services compete with eBay on a number of levels, so we are not going to allow them on eBay.”