ABC apologies for Fallout 3 discussion

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Remember when Q&A, that show on the ABC, discussed about video game ratings – well, they have now apologised for their poor discussion over the topic, especially when host Tony Jones said that video games had no classification system, unlike DVDs and Videos.

“The ABC apologises for the information provided by presenter Tony Jones in the middle of the discussion on gaming and agrees that it may have been confusing and misleading,”  the ABC wrote in an email from the complainant, who then sent it to Kotaku.

“Mr Jones was aware that a rating system exists for games. He had been briefed on concerns that the current system is inadequate because it does not provide an R rating. But regrettably in the pressure of the program and in attempting to summarise and point to the lack of a comprehensive rating system, Mr Jones erred by stating that there was no ratings system for video games."

The ABC has posted this response on its website, since the show is available online – even though the show aired in July.

In the course of the discussion some of the comments were confusing and Tony Jones in summarising the controversy said "There’s a rating system on videos but there’s no rating system on video games." What he meant of course was that there is no comprehensive classification system which includes an "R" 18+ rating for games, such as exists for videos, movies etc. For more information have a look at the Classification (Publication, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995.