Adobe announces Creative Suite 4 – new versions to more than twelve applications

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Adobe has today announced the launch of the latest version of its Creative Suite product line – Creative Suite 4. While we won’t be able to review it – since it costs like an arm and a leg (if anyone from Adobe is reading – can you give us a free copy?), you can expect there will be some changes.

Many of the new changes are UI changes, trying to integrate Flash and other Macromedia applications that they acquired with the rest of the entire line. But there are some others, like Photoshop CS4 will now be using your computers graphics chip and will support 64-bit Windows.

Illustrator will now be able to handle more than one project at a time, thanks to a new feature called Artboards; while Flahs has a rebuilt animation model, with something called “Bones” tool that is similar to Pivot; and Dreamweaver has some new shortcuts to coding CSS, while showing linked elements like JS and CSS scripts.

It will still come in the same configurations as its predecessor, CS3, and there is no new piece of software that will be coming out.