Apple recalls iPhone 3G USB Power adapters after risk of electric shock

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Apple has today announced in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and several other Latin America countries that it will be recalling its Ultracompact USB Power Adapter after concerns that they are prone to breaking in certain conditions, causing a risk of an electric shock.

adapter-views2 replacement_adapter

Currently, Apple has two versions of the adapters. If you’re one has a green dot on the bottom (as seen on the above right), you have been given a redesigned adapter – thus you will need not to change it. If not, you can exchange it at a local Apple Retail Store or order it via the web. You will also need your iPhone 3G serial number as part of the exchange process,

There have not been any reported cases of any injuries, but Apple has warned users not to use the adapters. This recall does not affect anyone outside the countries mentioned, nor the original iPhone.