Your iPhone is spying on you…

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Your iPhone is pretty much watching what you temporarily store as a screenshot, which can be used by hackers or forensic experts if they can recover it, according to a renowned iPhone hacker who exposed the flaw in a webcast.

Jonathan Zdziarski explained that the popular handset snaps a screenshot of your most recent action – may it be sending a text message, e-mailing or just browsing the web – in order to cache it. Apparently that screenshot is needed when you tap the Home button to have the application shrink and disappear, creating the effect.

While it “deletes” the file after closing the application – it is technically not deleted. It is still on the hard drive, until some files overwrite that space.

As well, Zdziarski also says that this is one of many ways that forensic experts can collect evidence about you, including your keyboard cache, Safari cache and lookups on Google maps. They can also recover deleted photos and e-mails from months ago.

Ironically, the only secure way is using the Pwnage tool to create a custom fireware bundle. Wired has the full story about it, and once the video about the hacks for your iPhone is up, we will posted here.