Google to launch web browser to compete with IE, Firefox

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UPDATE: Google has made a comic about it. You can view it here.

Google will be releasing its own internet browser to counter the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by making sure that it provides a quick and easy access to many of Google’s sites.

The browser, called "Chrome", is expected to be released on Tuesday (or Wednesday – depending on the time differences) in 100 countries that are running on Windows. Google, however, plans to release versions of their browser for Mac OS X and Linux.

The browser is trying to capitalise on the Google name, trying to bring down the dominance of Internet Explorer, which has a 75 percent share in the market. Google also has an arrangement of Mozilla’s Firefox, the second-most popular browser with a 10 percent share, by trying to promote it with its services.

Not everything, however, is successful under the Google banner; with its instant messaging client Google Talk, based on Jabber, has not even made a dent on AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.

Image from Ruben Ploneda (Flickr)