US to get capped – Comcast to cap all broadband customers

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comcast Starting October 1, all of Comcast’s residential broadband customers will now be capped, similar to what is happening here in Australia and the entire world; after releasing new guidelines of its Acceptable Use Policy.

However, their plans will be different to what it is set here – with users will be capped at 250 gigabytes per month, per account – and for those who do will go over will get a courtesy call from their customer service, but those who go over it a second time within the next six months after their first notification will be suspended for an entire calendar year.

As well, they are not bringing out any tools to monitor your usage, but their support site tells you to search for bandwidth metering software on Google to track it. However, Comcast notes that most customers use between 2GB and 3GB of data.

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