NZ judge restricts reporting case for the media – on the internet

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A New Zealand judge has taken a step to ban all websites to name two men that have been charged with murder; but giving newspapers, radio stations and television networks the right to reveal those who are charged.

The judge, Judge David Harvey, has said that the online media could not use the names, or even published a photo of the accused, because he is trying to prevent the public ‘searching’ for the information of his case when it gets trial – saying that he was "concerned about someone Googling someone’s name and being able to access it later".

The men, since we don’t know who their names are, are aged 21 and 23 and are facing charges of murdering a 14-year-old child, assault with intent to rob, and possessing a pistol for the commission of a crime. Another 15-year-old boy was also charged, but being a party to assault with intent to rob.

This, however, is seen as a rare move by the judge – as no one has even heard of this type of suppression, suppressing only those details on the internet and not in newspapers, television and radio – and it is clearly censorship, just packaged in different words. It’s just another dumb idea by the Kiwis.

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