Internode offers ADSL2+ broadband to those far away from exchanges

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Internode has announced that it will no longer follow the restrictive rules made by Telstra on their exchanges about the length of the ADSL line in areas where their own ADSL2+ DSLAMs have been installed. It also claims that it will also be able to offer ADSL2+ broadband to those living 7.5km away from an exchange from Telstra.

Under current restrictions, the maximum line length was 4.1km, but under its own rules – it can now reach an area of 176 sq km, instead of 52 sq km.

Internode, however, will only offer it in their dial-tone free NakedExtreme plans, which use the the copper lines without Telstra putting a phone service in the same line – meaning that Internode isn’t subjected to signal interference limits, which are mandatory if a phone service is offered on a copper line.

The NakedExtreme plans will come with its NodePhone VOiP service, which does not have a rental fee, but they charge calls instead of making calls to landlines for free.

The service service will be made available in all states, instead of Tasmania, where the ISP says that there is a lack of affordable connectivity across the Bass Strait for providers. It also should be noted that it is still affected by the speed restrictions if you live far away from your local exchange.

For more information, go to their website. To read the full press release, it’s after the jump (click the Read More link).

Internode NakedExtreme has the potential to fill in many metropolitan broadband blackspots by throwing off the constraints imposed to make previous ADSL services coexist with a phone service. By extending broadband reach from 4.1 km to as far as 7.5 km and possibly further, Internode is effectively increasing the potential broadband coverage area for a telephone exchange from about 52 square kilometres to more than 176 sq km.

NakedExtreme is the latest breakthrough from Internode, delivering a broadband service over a copper pair line unencumbered by a dial tone. As well as offering low-cost, high-quality calls with the NodePhone VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, NakedExtreme eliminates the need for customers to pay a third party for a ‘dial tone’ service that they don’t need, typically costing around $30 per month.

Internode has launched NakedExtreme nationally, with the exception of Tasmania, where an embargo on high-speed services remains in place due to a lack of competitive backhaul services in that State.

The Internode NakedExtreme service is priced at $10 above the cost of the equivalent Internode Extreme ADSL2+ service: However, as it does not require a voice line rental fee, customers will typically will save around $20 a month by using this service, as well as avoiding the inconvenience of paying a separate third party bill to rent a voice line service each month.

NakedExtreme builds on Internode’s launch earlier this year of Naked ADSL2+, a dial tone-free broadband service based on Optus Wholesale broadband infrastructure. By contrast, NakedExtreme uses Internode’s own DSLAM equipment installed at telephone exchanges.

Internode Managing Director Simon Hackett said NakedExtreme could deliver broadband at much greater distances because it threw off the shackles created by cohabitation with a voice service. "We have addressed one major type of broadband blackspot with NakedExtreme," he said.

"To date, ADSL service providers have delivered broadband using a Spectrum Sharing Service, which co-exists with an analogue telephone service across the copper access network. As well as mandating additional line rental costs for the customer, a Spectrum Sharing Service restricts the distance we can deliver broadband to about 4.1km from the local telephone exchange – any further and our customer connection attempt is rejected with the declaration ‘Transmission Loss Too High’".

"That message occurs if the line produces a signal attenuation over its length exceeding the allowable limit for a traditional analogue voice service. Since NakedExtreme uses an Unbundled Local Loop service, it doesn’t need to co-exist with analogue telephony, which means we can deliver broadband much further from the exchange."

"To date, we have succeeded in connecting broadband customers living as far as 7.5 km from the exchange. With that increased radius, we can increase the coverage area by more than three times compared with the previous 4.1km broadband delivery limit, so we see great potential to fill in many of the blackspots that exist in metropolitan areas."

NakedExtreme is available in Home, SOHO and Business plans, which offer all of the value-added features of Internode’s other ADSL products – including generous download quotas with no charge for uploads; five email accounts and personal webspace: unmetered online games, radio stations and other cool content, free dialup account and global roaming.

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