TG1K : Rants, Rants and More Rants

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In celebration of 1,000-plus worth of posts since our birth, we decided to recap on our favourite posts. This time, it is our reviews and rantings that we love to make so much off. And yes, this is like a recap show. On with the best reviews and rantings:

Ten HD, Teh Sucks (18/12/07) – Ten HD had launched at that time in Wollongong (under a different name) and he hates the experience.

Flashdance around the playback (08/04/08) – Before iView, there was ABC Playback; and it got me so mad that it was useless, until they revamped it and made it usable again.

The Blogger’s Code (10/04/07) – I hated the blogger’s code of conduct; but now, maybe I’m changing – no wait, I still hate it.

Welcome to the Rapture (21/11/07) – Read Kenny Yeoh’s take on the most popular game of 2007, Bioshock. Does he like it, or not – you just got to read it to find out.

Glide your crap … (24/04/07) – I find that this had to be the worst service ever; and it was so complicated, I just gave up on it, ignored it and had to return to it to finish the review.

Ping.FM review (16/08/08) – We finish off with the latest review, and also the service that I like the most. A good service, a good interface and it does what it says.

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