SMS updates gone for Australian, European users

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Twitter users in Europe and Australia will no longer receive text message updates on their mobile phones on their service, in a move to keep the telecom bills down. This action is temporary, but it is unknown when will it be back.

However, users can use the UK number (+44 762 480 1423) to send updates to the site, but won’t give any updates to users. Twitter has also recommended the use of Twitter mobile or any third-party client like TwitterBerry, Twitterrific, TwitterMail or Cellity.

The company’s US, Canada and India’s numbers are not affected by the move as they have find a "sustainable" agreements. As well, Australian users are not happy with the move.

"It was bad enough to be forced to use the UK number. Now, it appears that Australian twitter users are completely invisible," one of the comments posted on the blog post.

Co-founder Biz Stone has written at a blog post that they are still negotiating with operators in Australia – as well in Asia and China.