Telstra ADSL down after software failure

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Queensland is plagued with problems, as another exchange in the state had been knocked out for more than 48 hours.

A Telstra exchange on the Gold Coast has knocked out ADSL services to many of its customers in the South Eastern part of Queensland, and even in Port Adelaide in South Australia and Lesmurdie in Western Australia. While Telstra claims that only 1,000 customers have been impacted, the range of affected areas may suggest that they are many more.

The outage occurred at 9am on Tuesday August 12 due to a software fault; and as of 5pm, some people are still experiencing the outage.

And while they are (or are not) fixing the problem, they have decided to blame Optus for the incident, with its spokesman Peter Taylor saying, “While frustrating for Telstra and the thousand Telstra customers impacted, it’s only a fraction of the headache caused by the regular failure of the Optus network in Queensland.”

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