Sensis lawyers attack rival auction site

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Having settling its own beef with the ACCC over breaching the Trade Practices Act, Telstra has now leveled similar accusations at rival Australian auction site OZtion – claiming that statements promoting its "free to list" offering don’t clearly explain the additional costs to its customers.

It has set a deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 20 August (Next Wednesday) to stop OZtion to cease making the statements and insert a prominent disclaimer that there are costs associated with the site if there is a item sold.

However, OZtion will take no notice of the letter, with the managing director Phil Druce saying that the accusations are "baseless."

The ACCC complaint against Telstra was when its classified business, Trading Post, posted ads that were misleading and deceptive on Google’s AdSense – claiming that they were local car retailers.

Is now Telstra being the watchdog so it could claim a larger market share?

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