Is Vista getting better? Govt agency switches from XP to Vista

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The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research has flagged plans to replace a contract to supply the department’s computers – held recently by Dell – to move to Windows Vista and Office 2007.

The refresh comes as it plans to move from its Windows XP Service Pac 2 to Windows Vista, and will deploy Office 2007 in place the current Microsoft Office 2003. It will also be the first known government agency that I know that will switch to Vista.

The department is responsible for several research organisations and several national initiatives that will aim to improve the economy of Australia.

Dell held the contract until the 30 July; but waited until August 11 to find a new supplier, and there is a possibility that Dell could win the contract again – and it will also encompass the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism’s initiative. The tender will close on the 1st of September.

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