SSD adapter takes 6 SDHC cards – and it’s under US$100

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The device above it is a makeshift Solid State Drive, or SSD, adapter to transform your flash memory cards into, well, a SSD via a SATA adapter.

The PhotoFast CR-9000 is a 9.5mm tall, 2.5 inch adapter can take up to 6 SDHC cards, allowing to fit into most slim laptops – according to Engadget. This makes the maximum possible storage amount to 192GB (6 x 32GB SDHC cards). While the chips will cost you a lot, you can get this for just under US$100 – somewhere around US$91, or ¥10,000.

Coming with a 3Gbps SATA adapter, the performance depends on the weakest card out of the six cards in there. Read time is around 111.4MBps, while write time is around 55.17MBps in Raid 0 Setup and using class-6 rated SDHC cards.

Source: Engadget

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