PHP4 life support is cut

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PHP4 will now no longer getting any security patches nor any support – effectively cutting its life support for its next version, PHP5. Since its first stable release in May 22, 2000; PHP4 has been widely supported by many of the open-source software that have not turned to PHP5.

While PHP5 has been out for a couple of years after PHP4 was released, the developers kept the two alive to make sure that people get their code ready to support the latest version. PHP5’s current version is 5.2.6, while PHP4’s last version is 4.4.9.

But there is some good news; Stefan Esser, a noted PHP security expert, will continue to provide some security patches through his Suhosin product for those who are not able to migrate to the latest version of PHP. But, these patches will come at the end of 2008.