Geek Out : Introducing, a PC made out of a Danish toy

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Finally, something you can make that is geeky with Lego. (Image from Luke Andersen)

In our second edition of Geek Out, we introduce the first, fully functioning PC made out of that popular Danish toy that we used to make a lot of things – Lego.

Luke Andersen, a computer science major from Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, has built a PC that is completely made out of black Lego bricks. Designing his idea first on a simple CAD program, he then gone out and bought 1,238 Lego pieces (in total: $140) to assemble it – it even has a removable panel for god sakes; which is a good thing, because we don’t want him to destroy it.

Running on Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Server; he plans to use it as a backup and development machine. It has ASP.NET server, MySQL Express and VMware Server – which he plans to use to run FreeBSD to make the machine into a web server.

You can view the video that he has posted to show you how he made it after the jump (means click the “Read More” link to find out more). We will also post a couple of links so you can make it yourself.

You can view how he did it, including the pictures, at his WordPress blog. He has even packaged it and licensed it under the Creative Commons license. The full download, which includes the assembly images and some documents, is about 11.3 MB.