Spanish hacker jailed for sending out ex-manager’s private emails

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A Spanish hacker has been jailed for two years for revealing hundreds of private emails written by a former colleague; with those emails divulging details of his – the colleague – sex life.

In what could be seen as the internet version of ‘Cheaters’, well to me at least, the hacker sent the emails to his colleague’s (who happened to be his boss) wife, his mistress and the mayor of a city council to where he was working – and they were also copied to other people who knew the hacker’s boss.

A judge jailed the hacker, who was not named, for two years for "revealing secrets"; and ordered to pay a fine of €3,240 and €4,000 in compensation to his former boss. He also ruled that Spanish law allowed the courts to pursue anyone who "gets access to information of a personal or family nature held on information systems or computers which are public or private".

However, only 2% of emails contained information that were deemed "of a highly personal nature", but the judge said that the victim’s right to privacy was violated and that became an important factor.

The court, however, did not find how did the emails were accessed since the hacker’s boss believed that he had erased all of his personal emails.

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