Virgin gives you 5GB on iPhone data plan – wow!

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When we reported that 3’s unauthorized, make-you-buy-your-own-because-we-cannot-be-stuffed-talking-to-Apple iPhone plans gave you a maximum of 2GB of data on one of their plans; we thought that it would be the only one that is going over the 1GB limit – but we were wrong, as usual.

Virgin Mobile, which recently said that it has been allowed to sell the iPhone (it is owned by Optus), is now offering 5GB on a $100 cap plan – and allowing you no handset repayments on the 8GB and 16GB versions. Those who are looking for something cheaper, they are also offering a $70 cap plan with 1GB – and offering the iPhone for free on the 8GB, and a $4 fee per month on the 16GB version.

However, since its cheap broadband plans were introduced with its home phone deals, there have been heavy congestion on the network with speeds so slow that it has been unusable by some customers. As well, while 750Kb/s speed throttling has been applied, it will not be applied to those on the iPhone.

Calls are charged at 40c per 30 seconds, within Optus’ and Vodafone’s range – though they offer calls at 35c per 30 seconds.

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