Geek Out: MAME console in a TARDIS

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It’s not bigger on the inside, but it has a kick-arse MAME controller.

While there are things that we certainly think that are weird, we don’t think this is – unless you are not a game freak or a Doctor Who fan. You really have to be a nerd to actually design this system, and even build a MAME controller in a design just like the console of the TARDIS – well not the one in the modern series.

Running a machine at a 1GHz Pentium with 512MB of RAM and an ATI Radeon 9550, you don’t need much to emulate an arcade game. Did we also mention that it was design by a Kiwi? No? We really should start being more innovative.

He also managed to get Sylvester McCoy (who played the 7th Doctor) to sign the door – well, the front sign box.

You can find all of the instructions here.

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