Scrabble-knockoff now blocked to US users

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Scrabulous fans in the US have been awoken with something horrible to them, they won’t be able to play the Scrabble knockoff as it had been abruptly removed from, according to several sources – including the New York Times.

As well, just to make matters worse, the official Hasbro (the owners in the US and Canada) version of Scrabble did not work either, with the game being a victim of "a malicious attack". EA, the creator of the game, has said that it will launch an investigation of the apparent hacking, pointing no fingers at the moment.

However, bowing to legal pressure, the Scrabulous brothers from Calcutta have shut the application to users in Canada and the United States. And this created a huge backlash, including new groups like "Down with Hasbro", flooded its message boards and even bloggers denounced Hasbro.

And you would think I would get into this mess, I won’t. Because I don’t live in Hasbro’s territory, and Mattel does own the Scrabble rights here – and around the world. I would say this – you are just not seeing that fans are actually playing Scrabble, no matter if its some clone of it. Just make a deal with them (does not mean buy them).

Anyway, the Scrabble application by Hasbro has attracted about 15,000 daily users with mixed reviews – including critics saying that it had "pathetic" upload time. Mattel also has an application out for those outside the US.