Rumour Mill: iPhone gets fourth carrier in Australia?

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Australia is most likely going to see another carrier coming on board the iPhone bandwagon, joining Optus, Telstra and Vodafone – and it is not 3.

Virgin Mobile is said to pick up the phone, and rumour has it it will be selling it in the next two weeks. While a spokesperson for the company has denied the rumours (saying that they had "nothing to announce at this time"). It is also more likely to happen since Virgin Mobile is actually owned by Optus.

While it is owned by one of the carriers that carry the iPhone, it really does not mean that it could bring the iPhone to Virgin. But it looks like Virgin is getting ahead of themselves, already having a promotion up and ready for the iPhone – its just that it is not on the site just yet.

You need to scavenge through the source code. Just in case they delete it, we will post it below (click on it to make it bigger!).

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