MobileMe’s meltdown causes Apple to give a free month

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The launch of the MobileMe service from Apple, which was to replace the .mac service, has been a complete failure as Apple was forced to give a free month to users for a second time.

The new service allows users to sync calendars, contacts, emails and data to PCs, Macs and iPhones for $119 a year. However, the service has been plagued with problems since the launch, when it was knocked offline for several days so Apple could fix bugs and its server load.

Its biggest selling point is its “cloud computing” – which allows users to sync important data to a server, without losing the data. This means that if you had several photos that you want to keep, you can put them on a server that will sync the data to the other computers connected and the iPhone itself – so you can edit, view or regain the files if you lose them.

Now, just over a week later, users are experiencing several problems accessing their email, with some experiencing sync problems with Outlook.

In addition, it falsely charged some users with US$100 for a free trial account, instead of a $1 “preauthorization” charge. It has offered a free month to those affected.