Antivirus app comes to the iPhone

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Paris-based security firm Intego has released the very first antivirus software for the iPhone. However, it does not run on the phone itself, but on a user’s Mac.

The software, Virus Barrier X5 10.5.3, would be able to scan the iPhone for viruses by copying the files to the Mac for a security check, once the user has plugged in the cable and is connected to the Mac itself. The company claims that since Apple has opened it its SDK, users would be at risk of installing apps that would harm the devices, or even take control of them.

There is, however, only one known malware that is publicly known. Antivirus vendors have predicted that since the iPhone is running a stripped down version of Mac OS X, it would lead to an increase of malware on all Mac OS X, but currently the threat is low; but other vendors are agreeing that the Apple App Store can be hijacked.