ABC launches new iTunes competitor, but it just sucks

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The ABC has launched its rental and download service called ABC Shop Downloads, after an eight-month development period. However, there are just a few things wrong with it – and it has nothing to do with the content, which consists of current hits like the Chaser to vintage, archived programming like Aunty Jack.

For most programs, you can rent programs for unlimited viewing during a seven day period for $2.95. However, it will offer several programs as free downloads for testing purposes. You will, however, still need to register your credit card for the free downloads, but they say it won’t result in charges.

The service was developed by Hyro and uses Windows Media technologies and Microsoft’s Flash competitor Silverlight. And since it uses Windows Media and its DRM, you will not be able to play anything on a Mac or Linux computers except previews.

But, they are planning to move once Silverlight 2 is out for the Mac, and will be using PlayReady later in the year.

Yes, and it sucks – and I would not bother to try it; unless you want to see Chaser recaps and vintage ABC programs. This is not a review – I have not reviewed it, but based it with information made available from many sources.