Internode starts support on IPv6, first in Australia

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Internode has announced that it has started supporting the new IPv6, which allows a vast number of new and longer IP addresses after the current shortage on the current system, IPv4. It will operate the new network around Australia and with international PoP (Points of Presence) in Japan and the US.

Customers of Internode can access IPv6 by either Native Ethernet access or Tunnel Broker access; with more information on their dedicated website. However, not all sites are supported on IPv6; and Internode will run both on their services; also known as ‘dual stack’ mode.

Its Managing Director, Simon Hackett, said it was was part of future-proofing its entire network, saying, "The Internet is approaching an address crunch point in the next few years."

"The current IPv4 address space is simply running out of IP numbers, possibly as soon as 2011. Internode has chosen to invest in deploying IPv6 technology throughout its network now to give its customers the maximum amount of time to transition their own networks to the new address scheme."

It is the first and only one to introduce the new address system, joining several ISPs in France and the Netherlands. You can find more information on Wikipedia or on Internode’s website.

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