Facebook sues German social clone

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Facebook is pursuing a lawsuit against the German social network, StudiVZ; for infringing on the "look, feel, features and services" of Facebook.

The service claims that it has 10 million active members, and it is the largest German speaking social network, covering Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The site, actually, has three parts to suit different school year levels – like Studivz.net is a site for college-aged students, Schuelervz.net for high school students and Meinvz is for older adults.

As well, the company has other sites in Italian (Studiln.it), French (StudiQG.fr), Polish (Studentix.pl) and Spanish (Estudiln.net). And, all have the same design.


It does actually have a claim, as the site does actually look like Facebook, but just in German/French/Polish/Spanish/Italian and in red. (Image from TechCrunch)  (NB – That is obviously not the real Mark Zuckerberg (or is it?).

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