Tax cheats turned themselves in after accounts given to US government

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Hundreds of tax cheats in America have turned themselves in to the IRS after a bank computer technician in Liechtenstein came forward with the names of the tax cheats who had set up accounts in the small European country, according to ABC News.

The bank clerk, Heinrich Kieber, has now been branded a thief after he violated its bank secrecy laws. He is in hiding and will testify to a Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations via a video statement from a undisclosed location.

The investigation will also focus on the Swiss bank UBS and its allegations that it help wealthy Americans hide their money through shell companies in Liechtenstein.

He reportedly sold three CD’s full of names and data to tax authorities to the authorities, including Germany, France and Italy; with tax authorities in Italy will publish the names. In Germany, it had lead to several CEOs on tax evasion.

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