Developing: Major Outage in QLD

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This is a Developing Story. Check back here once in a while for more added content about the QLD outage.

Whirlpool is reporting that Optus is experiencing a major outage in Queensland and in Northern New South Wales because of simultaneous network failures.

Optus has said the problem came after a construction mishap, thus cutting all internet and telecommunication services from Queensland. The outage occurred around 8:00 am, and has affected many other ISPs, including Primus. It is also understood that the problems occurred at the Moorooka Exchange, which is owned by Optus and provides the ADSL services around the state.

Primus, however, is saying that a farmer accidentally cut the cables with his backhoe.

Meanwhile, Highway 1 – another of the ISPs affected – is saying that it should be fixed by 3PM today. We are also hearing reports that services are slowly being restored. However, it is more likely that it would miss this deadline, like in our previous story.